Preventative Oral Hygiene instructions

Good preventative oral hygiene starts with how well one chooses to take care of his oral cavity. It is necessary if one wishes to stave off tooth decay and gum disease. It takes using the correct dental hygiene tools on a daily basis to keep the gums healthy and have less tooth decay. Poor oral care has been associated with lung problems, heart disease, low birth weights and more. The best possible way to be taught how to practice good oral care is with a dentist’s instructions.


First off, one will be introduced to his own mouth. The top area local dentist will show the various parts up close, explaining the relations of plaque and caries. The professional will have radio graphic images on the computer that he presents in relation to enamel, nerves, soft tissue and such. Next, tablets or drops of dye are used that will exhibit all the plaque on one’s teeth. This will prove just how good the patient brushes his teeth, and he can improve the chances of having less cavities.


Having done that, the dentist will show how to brush with the most effective method. He will hand a mirror to the patient, and actually brush all parts of the teeth while one is watching. The parent of a child needs to be present and shown this particular routine also. Then the patient needs to show that he can carry out the same brushing by himself.


Finally, the dental practitioner will teach the patient how to correctly use dental floss. He does explain that brushing is so important, but is only half the job of keeping one’s oral cavity healthy. Brushes cannot get between the teeth to clean where cavities and gum diseases lie. Floss comes in all kinds of trends, forms and flavors these days. The dentist will show one how best to floss his teeth, by using the index and middle fingers and a long piece of floss. It takes awhile to get a pattern of flossing going, but stay with it and it will go well.

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Looking Your Best With Breast Implants

Breast implants are becoming a rage as women grow rapidly more conscious of their appearance. That beauty is in the eye of beholder has become a concept of the past. Working women manage their homes as well as their workplace with all grace and honor.

When they have a child, doctors insist on the importance of breastfeeding and they go for it for the well-being of their child. The result is good for their children but unfortunately some return from their pregnancy with sagging breasts. Women endowed with an unattractive figure from birth require the use of breast implants and age factors may make them reach out for it. The use of it for creating a feminine figure is also common in the case of transsexual patients.
The constant research on breast implants has warded away the threat of cancer. The filler material used in the breast implants decides its category and normal saline, silicone, and composite are in use for the purpose. Saline and silicone gel are free from risk and widely in use.

The latest in the market is the cohesive silicone implant, which has removed the disadvantages of saline and silicone gel. The trick is in the viscosity of the silicone used. The viscosity makes the silicone free from ruptures and prevents its flow out of the inner shell of the implant.

Cohesive silicone implant helps better the cosmetic surgeon in reconstructing from scratch the breast for patients who have the breast cancer. The sizes of breast implants vary from individual to individual. The aesthetic parts of the design of suitable breast implants are taken care of by computer softwares through 3-D computer imaging. Images after surgery through 3-D computer imaging shows you in different angles on your appearance to give you confidence. The proof is in the pudding.

The use for cosmetic purposes is on the rise and the scare of the scars has been diminished. The trick is in the hands of the cosmetic surgeon who makes his incision in your breast to place the implant. He places the breast implant through the belly button or the under arm route or areola region or the underside of the breast.

Each method gives you a scar of various types and the belly button gives very little scarring. The views given here on breast implants would have equipped you for a free discussion with your cosmetic surgeon and help you venture on the best option suited to you to look best forever.

Three Reasons not to Fear Dental Implants

Of all the procedures and services offered by the dentist, dental implants perhaps have the worst and most unfair reputation. Most of what anyone knows about dental implants is that they’re incredibly sore to have placed and that you should be afraid. Very afraid. “This is MOST unfair,” explain implant dentists, “because getting dental implants is no more painful than having a tooth extracted! Not only this, we do everything in our power to ensure that a patient enjoys a total pain and anxiety-free experience.”
Reasons not to fear

They’re Always Placed Using Anesthesia

Alright, so you’ve been told that one of your teeth has to go. Or perhaps you’ve already lost one in an accident or to tooth decay. Whatever the reason, you are facing the need for dental implants. First and foremost, a dentist will not place a dental implant without the use of either a local or general anesthesia, depending upon the complexity of the case and the number of implants being placed. This is because the procedure is invasive. Anesthesia negates the pain, which is not only beneficial to the patient but the dentist as well who can now provide the treatment a patient needs, without getting his or her fingers bitten off.

You Have the Option of Conscious Sedation
Many people suffer from dental phobia. In fact, it is more common than uncommon for a patient to experience some anxiety or fear before or during an appointment. So, many dentists offer conscious sedation as a service in addition to the placement of dental implants. Benzodiazepines – the common ingredient in anti-anxiety medication – can be administered orally or intravenously, offering patients a psychological and physical holiday from reality and from the fears that cause them such acute discomfort. With sedation, getting dental implants is hardly an ordeal at all, say, dentists!

Modern Surgical Protocols Have Drastically Reduced Post-Procedure Discomfort and Recovery Time
In addition to the measures mentioned above, the very nature of the surgery used to place dental implants has changed drastically. Newer and more sophisticated techniques have been developed. More and more dentists are working with computer imaging software, which enables them to visualize and understand a patient’s unique oral problems and jaw bone structure. This helps them to plan in much better detail the procedures followed for the placement of dental implants. A more precise surgery means fewer incisions and sutures, which not only drastically reduces postoperative pain and discomfort, but also the amount of time spent in recovery. While one cannot reasonably expect to experience NO pain during their journey from gappy to happy, there is ample measure available to combat this discomfort. You will be sent home with prescription pain-killers.

A Final Note on Dental Implants

Without the threat of pain and anxiety, what reason do you have to put off your visit to the dentist? Dental implants offer the most comprehensive and long term solution to missing teeth so grit those teeth and get the best treatment available so that you will enjoy many decades of beautiful and healthy teeth!

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Advanced Procedures and What you should Understand

Rhinoplasty is cosmetic facial treatment that’s usually done to beautify a person’s physical appearance or to reconstruct their nose for medical purposes . A rhinoplasty surgery involves modifying the cartilages and bones of the nose area , or sometimes tissue is included order to improve the aesthetic appeal . The process is also commonly performed to repair nasal fractures as well . If rhinoplasty is accomplished to repair someone’s nasal fracture , the surgeon tries to recondition the nose to its pre-injury condition . A related procedure referred to as septorhinoplasty is done on patients that in addition have a nasal obstacle . Septorhinoplasty works to augment the look of the nostrils , but also stabilizes the overall structure and takes away any internal obstructions that might be blocking the patient’s nasal breathing .

Exactly what does a rhinoplasty surgery involve ?

Any aesthetic worries and desires you have needs to be completely discussed before treatment . The recommendations of your doctor along with any special restrictions concerning the structure of your nose , skin , or face in general are essential to have thoroughly told you . Make-up free photographs are typically taken prior to surgery to assist with both the preoperative and post surgery planning stage in order to document the results .

Ask questions and express your concerns .

Finding an experienced , experienced medical specialist to perform your rhinoplasty procedure should be your main priority when considering getting any type of aesthetic surgery . ASAPS ( American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ) proposes that each patient should ideally consider the following tips for best results :

• Consult at least 3 different surgeons before choosing one

• Be sure the cosmetic surgeon you choose is board certified

• Ask where your surgeon is privileged to legally practice to ensure his credibility

• Request to see before and after photos of previous patients

• Talk in-depth about the surgery as well as the results and recovery and any potential things that may possibly go wrong or happen unexpectedly

• Ask about the surgeon’s rhinoplasty experience . How many has he done ?

• Does the surgeon have malpractice insurance ? If not , get up and leave

• Ask about the follow-up procedures

• Request to contact former patients about their own experience

• How much does the procedure cost ? What about insurance ?

The results of rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty results could be minor or major , based on the type of modification you want done , but they are however permanent . It’s absolutely necessary that both you and your cosmetic surgeon are on the same page regarding the goals of your process . If you have realistic expectations and your medical expert, the outcome will likely be very positive overall .

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Most of the people , individuals alike are not satisfied with their noses . This dissatisfaction can come from many different aesthetic and functional reasons . A lot of people have noses they feel will also be small or too large . For some it is the tip of the nose or perhaps the profile of the nose that hopefully will reveal bumps or indentations . However , for others , their disenchantment is purely functional . Difficulties like having a deviated septum makes it very difficult to breath . In many cases , it is a combination of both aesthetic and functional desired goals which bring a patient in to our office . Dr . Bitner has assisted countless women and men achieve the nose they desire through Salt Lake City Rhinoplasty . View more information here

Rhinoplasty , more commonly called Nose Surgery or a Nose Job , is a surgical procedure to improve nose imperfection both of these inside and outside the nose . If you are unhappy with your nose area , contacting our office to schedule your confidential consultation with Dr. John Bitner is the best way to determine if Rhinoplasty surgery is right for you .


Cosmetic dentistry is hugely renowned the united states

Cosmetic dentistry is extremely widespread in north America , as a growing number of people-beauty conscious benefiting from these specialist products and services in an effort to enrich their appearance . Cosmetic dentists have attained a name independently across the US the top quality of the service provided . Celebrities constitute a majority of patients cosmetic dentists . These days , however , cosmetic dentistry is attaining popularity among the average individual , which is getting to be increasingly aware of the importance of a stunning smile .

The central objective of cosmetic dentists is to improve the looks of the smile . This development can be done by tooth whitening , bonding cosmetic dentistry , porcelain veneers , white fillings natural looking , and porcelain crowns . Gingivectomy aesthetic is an additional system that should be carried out by a cosmetic dentist who is skilled to provide this highly developed dental service . Other important processes related to cosmetic dentistry are gum contour and the contour of the tooth . Using Invisalign braces is the one other really important technique used by cosmetic dentists in their endeavours to create highly coveted smile .

A cosmetic dentist will be able to effectively integrate the various dental techniques to develop and profile the teeth and gums of an individual in an awesome smile . All details of a patient’s face , smile and personality should be incorporated spontaneously for a surprising result . Another impressive feature of cosmetic dentistry is the fact that both the patient and the practitioner should have an exceptional relationship . The most effective way to a patient communicates with the cosmetic dentist , the more suitable the chances of creating the most precious smile .

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Rhinoplasty , more commonly called Nose Surgery or a Nose Job , is surgical procedures to improve nose imperfection both inside and outside the nose . If you are unhappy with your nose area , contacting our office to schedule your confidential consultation with Dr. John Bitner is the best way to determine if Rhinoplasty surgery is right for you .


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We are now continually getting to know new ways to strengthen our practice and the elements we can offer to you . One very helpful change is in the fight against tooth decay . We now see that cavities , or dental caries , might possibly be avoided and even reversed if offered the right set of scenarios . Our team has engineered a program that would allow our patients at standard to excessive risk for decay to benefit from the modern knowledge that is available . Our Cavity Prevention Program will provide education on what causes you to develop cavities and what should be done to lower your corrosion rate . Some of the things that we will evaluate with you will likely be your own saliva flow , saliva pH , sugar intake , snack rate of recurrence and timing , and food consistency . We will be able to supply you with the best toothpaste available to re-mineralize teeth , as well as a list of products that will help cut back on your decay rate . Then we will take the next step with an additional appointment to assess how well you are doing with the program . Our intention is to lessen your decay rate throughout the years following the program , and to help you utilize it for maximum physical health now and throughout your lifetime .

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Berry Hill Dentistry in Syosset , NY  – gives you your household with complete basic dental care and attention in a very comfortable , home-like setting . Encounter dental care from Dr . John Cottone and Dr . Carol Anne Schmitz , who utilize only the most advanced technology and programs available to give you fabulous results in less amount of time and with substantially less physical discomfort than ever before . Many subjects even refer to their expert dental care by the DDS as “pain free !”

Dermal Filler Injectables in San Diego California

Dermal Filler Injectables in San Diego California –

Today’s aesthetic patient demands the highest possible level of care and treatment solution outcomes . Rightfully , consumers desire improvements that are both natural and beautifying . We have devoted ourselves to meeting this request by not only providing you some high-quality care but also leading the way with innovative applications and educating others in our specialty- with the ultimate milestone of upgrading the entire field .